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(UK) Dorset: Autism center opens; "NHS diagnosis waiting times at around three years"

April 15, 2022, Charity Today: Charity unveils ground-breaking new autism diagnosis and support centre

S. England

AUTISM charity Autism Unlimited has officially unveiled its new expert-led assessment and diagnosis centre in Dorset, paving the way for faster, expert autism diagnosis for potentially hundreds of adults each year.

Clinical research shows that early autism diagnosis, intervention, education, and support can literally transform lives, by giving autistic people clarity and opening clear pathways to treatment, support and wellbeing.

However, with NHS diagnosis waiting times at around three years, many people are currently forced to endure long periods of isolation and struggle due to their social, educational and behavioural difficulties.

Autism Unlimited has led the way in supporting autistic people to learn and live to their full potential for over 50 years….

Siún said: “We are immensely proud to open The Chris Page Centre and I am extremely grateful to the whole team which has worked so tirelessly to make this centre a reality….

“This will quite simply have a monumental impact on so many lives.

“Once diagnosed, many autistic people not only understand themselves better, they realise they are not alone in the way they feel….

Autism Unlimited Patron Sophia Grech, who herself was diagnosed with autism at the age of 45.


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