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(UK) Doncaster: Classroom aide raises money for "sensory room" for SPED kids

July 21, 2021, Doncaster Free Press: Doncaster teaching assistant creates a sensory room for children with special educational needs

Northern England Zoe Godfrey, a nursery TA at Shaw Wood Academy, came up with the idea of an improved sensory room when the one already in place did not suit the range of needs that needed catering for in school. Head of school 7-11 and SENCO Lindsey Taylor explained: “This year she has worked as a one to one teaching assistant with Dexter, a four-year-old child who is autistic. "She decided to speak to local business people and ask for a donations to buy suitable sensory equipment and resources.” … Many children have benefited from across the school and it is used throughout the day for children with SEND, bereavement support, emotional support linked to the Covid pandemic. and a quiet and relaxing space for any child that needs it.”


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