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(UK) Disabled boy suffers seizure while restrained; judge "expressed concern"

July 28, 2019, Metro: Epileptic boy, 11, handcuffed and restrained by police in ‘concerning’ incident A High Court judge has expressed concern over the way police treated an epileptic boy. The child, 11, was carried to an ambulance and kept in handcuffs and leg restraints after he suffered a seizure at school while being held down. The boy, who has a complex range of behaviour difficulties and cannot be identified for legal reasons, was kept in handcuffs at the hospital until he had calmed down. … Mr Justice MacDonald said: ‘The situation that arose (in) March must give cause for concern given the nature and extent of the restraint used, in particular the fact that there came a point when (the boy), a slight and highly-disturbed 11-year-old child, was handcuffed and placed in leg restraints by the police for an extended period, including during his transport to hospital. … Police said they restrained the boy because he was lashing (out) and kicking out. …


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