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(UK) Disabled 4 y-o permanently expelled from school for behavior

Mar 31, 2022, Mirror: Boy expelled from school at age FOUR - and has been stuck at home for 5 months

Central England

A boy has been stuck at home for five months after being expelled from school at just four years old. Laura Jordan said her son Zac, now five, has spent so much time in the house that he's now scared to go outside. She was shocked to discover that councils are not required to get kids back into school if they are expelled before their fifth birthday. The boy was booted out of Holly Hill Church School, in Rubery, Worcs, in October after a number of behaviour problems, including attacks on other pupils and staff. But his mum, 36, believes he has undiagnosed special educational needs that can't be dealt with in mainstream schools. Worcestershire County Council has since apologised for failing to find a suitable school for Zac and said it is working with his mum to get him back into education. Laura, from Redditch, Worcs, told The Mirror: "Zac started reception in September and within five weeks he had been permanently excluded. … The mum-of-two does not deny that her son has issues, accepting that he attacked other children and staff at his school. However, she believes he has autism, ADHD and speech and language problems which make certain situations 'overwhelming' for him. She added that Worcestershire County Council has to find Zac a new school by April after he turned five in February. The mum said: "It's down to the local authority to find an alternative school for him. They have requested two special needs schools but they said they are full. "The council now want him in a local mainstream school. If the school accepts him, he will have no choice but to go there. "I fear he will be excluded again if he is chucked into another mainstream school and we will be on this never ending cycle of him going to schools and getting excluded."… Worcestershire County Council's cabinet member for education Marcus Hart said: “Parent carers have a statutory right to ask for a particular educational setting and support for their child but it can at times be challenging to find the right place that has capacity and can meet a child’s individual needs.

Laura Jordan said her son Zac has become withdrawn since being expelled from school


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