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(UK) Dinnington: New $3.42M special school for 125 to "meet the growing need"

Sept 21, 2022, Extra £800,000 [$900,000] for new Dinnington school for youngsters with special needs The budget for a new school for youngsters with social, emotional and mental health needs has increased by £800,000.

Central England

The original £2.205 million budget to buy, refurbish and adapt the former Dinnington College has now risen to £3.042m [$3.42M].

The new school, which will have space for 125 youngsters, will be the only one of its type in the borough and will meet the growing need for specialist provision.

Adaptation and refurbishment costs increased by £395,924, from £1.778m to £2.173m, as a consequence of the increase in the costs of materials and labour.

The increase has also been put down to an increase in adaptation works needed, to provide for a specific educational model, and building issues, which were “not known or identified at original budget setting due to building age and configuration”.

A report to Rotherham Council’s cabinet states the extra £837,147 is funded by a school contribution of £56,898 and using high needs capital funding of £780,248….


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