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(UK) Devon: Hundreds of millions MORE for SPED locally; $5.4B nationally in England

Dec 30, 2021, Plymouth Live: £68m cash boost for Devon's schools announced

SW England Schools across Devon will receive millions of pounds of extra funding in 2022, it was announced today. Torbay, Devon and Plymouth combined will get an extra £68m [$92B] as part of a £4 billion [$5.4B] Government funding boost across the country. The additional cash will be split across the three areas with Devon receiving the most - £44m - while Plymouth will receive an extra £16m and Torbay £8m. The money will take the total funding to £589m in Devon, £232m for Plymouth and £119m in Torbay. Funding per pupil will increase nationally by five per cent in real terms from next year, the Government says, giving significant increases for every pupil in every school. A record £1 billion[$1.3B] extra will be spent to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. The Prime Minister pledged to level up school funding with more than £14 billion for primary and secondary schools by 2022-23. The £8m extra funding can be used for hiring specialist teachers, providing training, and purchasing school supplies including textbooks. Mr Foster said he particularly welcomed the targeted £1 billion boost to funding for special educational needs and disabilities, which is a record 13 per cent increase on this year’s funding…. “This latest funding boost is very welcome and will make a difference here in our bay, especially the additional support for those with the highest needs.”


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