(UK) Despite only one child expelled in Scottish school last year, violence in the classroom is up

Jan 12, 2018, (UK) Deadline News: “Cover up” claim after it emerges one child was permanently excluded from Scottish schools last year ONLY one child was permanently excluded by Scottish schools last year, astonishing new government statistics have revealed. Despite growing concern about violence and disruption in the nation’s classrooms, the Scottish Government has almost ended the practice of permanently barring badly-behaved pupils. The Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland, which are collected every two years, confirm that in the whole of 2016/17, one pupil was permanently excluded. In the academic year 2014/15 the figure was just five and two years before that it was 21. In the year 2010/11 saw 60 permanently thrown out of their schools. The decline in permanent exclusions is all the more dramatic when the total of 248 in the year 2006/07 is taken into consideration. The figures reveal, however, that the number of children excluded from school for shorter periods – usually a few weeks – remains high. There were 18,376 temporary exclusions last year, compared with 26,784 in 2010/11. Seamus Searson General Secretary of Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association claimed ministers were “covering up” widespread indiscipline in Scottish schools. … “Behaviour is worse now because of cutbacks. There’s a shortage of teachers and support teachers. Some of the things that would’ve helped.” … “The schools can’t cope and the system is covering it up. I’ve spoken to head teachers and they say they can’t deal with it.” … Data collected by the GMB union in Scotland suggest that there was an average of 32 attacks per school day on teaching support workers. An FOI by the office of MP Paul Masterton and MSP Jackson Carlaw have shown that there were more than 909 physical attacks on teachers in four years in East Renfrewshire alone.