(UK) Desperate mom of severely autistic boy waits 5 yrs for diagnosis; no SPED services

Dec 31, 2018, Grimsby Telegraph: 'My six-year-old son attacks me and my daughter and it's taken five years to get an autism diagnosis' The mother says that she could not get a diagnosis in North East Lincolnshire for autism for five years, but did so in one day at Sheffield Children's Hospital A Cleethorpes mum whose six-year-old son regularly attacks her and his sister claims that her son was failed by the special needs services in North East Lincolnshire, after a five-year-battle to get him an autism diagnosis. After failing to get one for five years in Grimsby, she went to Sheffield - where she got one in one trip using the same doctors' notes. The mother, who does not wish to be named, says she was consistently told by medics in Grimsby that her six-year-old is not on the autistic spectrum. She even claims that she was told by a doctor that her son's behaviour is the result of her having post-natal depression. … "It is the worst around my young daughter, who I feel is scared of him, because he makes her life a misery with the abuse that he gives her…. "On other occasions where he has had a meltdown he has threatened to drown himself in the bath, throw himself down the stairs and kill me. To hear your beautiful little boy say things to you just breaks your heart, but then moments later he will come up to me as if nothing has happened telling me that he loves me so much."… She says that for the past five years she has attempted to access CAMHS and the Child Development Centre to get a proper diagnosis so that he can get the help that he needs, but has constantly been told that her son does not have autism. She said: "It feels like you are banging your head against a brick wall with the SEND services in North East Lincolnshire, they seem to want to avoid diagnosing our children at all costs. … "I am not the only parent who has had to go to these lengths in order to get a proper diagnosis for their children." The mother says that her problems with CAMHS have continued after the diagnosis, saying that she has been refused access to the new pathway for autism, saying she was told "she has a diagnosis now, is that not good enough." A spokesperson from the North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group said: "We are always very sorry when we hear a local family is unhappy with a service they have received in North East Lincolnshire.