(UK) Derbyshire: Schools "cannot properly cater for children with SPED needs"

Dec 7, 2018, Derbyshire Times: Struggling Chesterfield school cannot afford to give lined paper to its students, education chiefs told Derbyshire County Council has faced a barrage from concerned teachers and students regarding the ongoing impact of funding cuts to their schools. During a full council meeting in Matlock on Wednesday, teachers revealed that their funding was falling by hundreds of pounds per pupil and they cannot properly cater for children with special educational needs. Another said that that they could no longer offer music as a class and a student revealed her school – now an academy – could not afford to give lined paper to its pupils. Headteacher at Chesterfield’s Brampton Primary School, Wayne Parkinson, kicked off the debate. He said that his school has 13 pupils who require Education, Health and Care Plans – a legal document which lays out the specific support that these children require. Mr Parkinson says that the school only has funding for four pupils…. She said: “In Chesterfield, this has meant support staff redundancies, reduction in support for SEN students, bigger class sizes, loss of leadership positions, increased workload for remaining staff, teachers covering absent colleagues due to lack of money for supply and the removal of pastoral provision such as careers advice, mental health support and counselling services.”