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(UK) Dalton: Nursey school needs $13K-$15K for sensory room; increase in special needs

Feb 11, 2024, Mail: Chapel Street Infants and Nursery School sensory room

NW England

A school in Dalton is fundraising to finance their sensory room project, which will allow them to help and support all students.

The headteacher of Chapel Street Infants and Nursery School, Scott Macmillan said he has noticed an increase in the number of children with special needs, especially sensory issues.

Sensory issues relate to the processing of information from the senses, such as sight and sound, and is often noticed in children who are diagnosed with autism. Children with sensory issues often get overwhelmed by things like light, noise and touch which can cause them to act out. This can be quite distracting in a classroom, so adding a safe space will make a big difference. . . .

The school needs to raise between £10,000 [$13,000] and £15,000 [$19,000] to make their sensory room a reality. . . .

Mr Macmillan said there is no specially adapted school to care for children with special needs in the area so it falls to the local schools to provide for these pupils. He said: “It’s important to us that we provide for all of our pupils, we need to improve the resources we can offer to the kids who need a bit extra.”


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