(UK) Daily Mail: Study finds link between "cognitive decline" in kids and psychotic disorders later

Jan 31, 2108, (UK) Daily Mail: Children as young as four who fall behind at school are more likely to suffer psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia, when they are adults Children who fall behind at school are more likely to suffer from psychotic disorders as adults, new research suggests today. Having infants with normal IQ levels for their age, which then decrease when the children are as young as four years old, is associated with the development of conditions such as schizophrenia in later life, according to the first study of its kind. Such individuals' IQs then continue to decrease throughout their childhood, teenage years and early adulthood until they are 15 points lower than their healthy peers', the research adds. Study author Dr Josephine Mollon, who used to work at King's College London, said: 'For individuals with psychotic disorders, cognitive decline does not just begin in adulthood but rather many years prior and worsen over time.' The researchers believe educational interventions could delay the onset of mental illness in at-risk youngsters. … The researchers, from the University of Montreal, analyzed around 4,000 13-year-olds from 31 high schools in the surrounding area.