(UK) Daily Mail reports kids are less muscular, have less endurance

Sept 25, 2018, Daily Mail: Weak Child O' Mine: Children are now taller and heavier than in 1998 but have 20 per cent less MUSCLE because they have ‘lazy lifestyles’ Children are becoming taller and heavier but are getting weaker and more unfit at a faster rate than ever, research has found. A study of 10-year-olds in Essex over the past 16 years discovered children now are on average 20 per cent less muscular and have 30 per cent less endurance than in 1998. The same children had not become fatter but experts warned they are still unhealthy because they don't do enough exercise and lead lazier lifestyles. … 'Despite being bigger, we are finding ten-year-olds are getting weaker. 'Year-on-year we keep finding lower and lower fitness levels suggesting children are doing less and less exercise. … The rate of decline rose from 2.5 per cent per year between 1998 and 2008 to 4 per cent each year after 2008. The researchers have cast doubt on using body mass index (BMI) because what is considered a 'healthy weight' does not necessarily mean a child is healthy. A third of children in the study who were a healthy weight were unfit, whilst the fittest children actually tended to be overweight.