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(UK) Cornwall youth with severe complex needs sent to school 500 mi away in Scotland

July 7, 2021, Cornwall Live: Saltash boy's needs so complex he has to go to school in Scotland

SW England A father has spoken at length about how a lack of specialist schooling facilities in the south west has resulted in his ten-year-old son being educated nearly 500 miles away in Scotland. Archie Stapleton-Yabsley, from Saltash, was eventually diagnosed with autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder and prior to going to Scotland attended various schools around Cornwall, however each in turn found they didn’t have the resources to meet his unique behavioural needs. Archie, who was also home schooled for a period of time, becomes overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of everyday school life, meaning he has to remove himself from the classroom and hide. Archie’s father, Thomas, has spoken at length about Archie’s story to try and raise awareness over a lack of suitable provisions in Cornwall and the south west. Thomas said: “When Archie was 18 months old we noticed something different. He struggled at school and then pre-school, needing extra support…. “Archie’s sensory processing disorder means he doesn’t like the feeling of clothes, they don’t just make him feel uncomfortable, they hurt him, so he’d sometimes strip to his boxers before leaving home…. “As he got older his needs increased and there was a lack of understanding about what he needed across the board.” Archie was diagnosed at five but found his problems kept increasing…. Thomas and wife Kirsty were repeatedly told by schools that they didn’t have the resources to cope with Archie…. Some of the schools Archie attended were great, according to Thomas, but simply didn’t have the resources…. “If there was a greater level of understanding about his needs five years ago, he may not be in Scotland now.”…


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