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(UK) Colchester: Mom loses residential care for severely autistic son

Oct 15, 2022, Essex County Standard: Colchester mum left without support to care for autistic son

SE England

A MOTHER of 16-year-old living with autism has said she is at a loss at how to help her son after a council-recommended care home told her they are unable to look after him any longer.
Shiobhan Giles, who works at Colchester Hospital, was no longer able to safely raise her son, Oscar Love, by the time he turned 11 due to the complexity of his needs and the violence he started directing towards her.

Oscar, who lives with autism, had previously been placed in the care of numerous care homes and is currently looked after by staff at a home run by Ronti Care Solutions, which specialises in caring for those who have learning difficulties and mental health conditions.

But the care home, which was identified as a suitable residence by Essex County Council, has informed Oscar’s mother they are unable to look after him any longer after spending fewer than two weeks in their care.

Ms Giles explained she does not have the ability or expertise to provide the requisite level of support for him.

She said: “My son lived with me up until he was 11, but he started doing things like smashing the TV and destroying the house….

“I am told there are no residential homes in Essex for autistic kids and young adults – all I get told is that residential homes got shut because of Covid.

“Everything is a fight – everything.”

When contacted by the Gazette, a spokesman for Essex County Council said it would be inappropriate to comment on individual cases.

He added: “We acknowledge the concerns Ms Giles has raised and we continue to work with the family to ensure appropriate support is in place.”

Struggling – Shiobhan Giles says her son, Oscar, needs specialist support, but there is nobody to provide it (Image: Member of the public)


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