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***UK: "Children who require additional/ specialist support significantly increased"

Apr 11, 2019, Weston Mercury: Schools in funding crisis with huge cuts and increasing costs Education leaders are warning of the huge crisis facing schools in North Somerset due funding cuts. Between 2015 and 2019, schools in the area have lost out on a total of £17.3million in funding – which equates to £256 per pupil. Leaders of multi-academy trusts (MAT) have said the situation is ‘critical’ with schools facing huge cuts in services and increasing costs. … “At the same time, there have been huge cuts in services that our families and children should have access to and often relied on, including funding for SEND (special educational and additional needs) pupils. “The numbers of children who require additional or specialist support has significantly increased and this puts an additional and serious strain on school budgets where we are trying to support these children and families – as well as delivering high quality teaching and learning. “The impact of this is that schools are having to make difficult decisions about the future and reduce spending in areas such as resources (including staffing levels) and the services, support and experiences we are able to offer with this reduced capacity.”… “The financial situation is critical.”


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