(UK) "Challenging pupils...excluded and abandoned to a forgotten part of our education system"

July 25, 2018, Times: Schools are abandoning problem children, say MPs …The cross-party education committee said that there was a lack of moral accountability among many schools that had few incentives to keep challenging pupils on their rolls, and that the government’s focus on results had made the situation worse. In a highly critical report, MPs also said that there had been an alarming increase in “hidden” exclusions, when pupils are unofficially removed with the agreement of parents. … …The education committee called for a “bill of rights” for pupils and their parents, to include a commitment that schools would not rush to exclude pupils and would publish their exclusions rates each term. Families where a child was excluded for five days or more should be given an advocate to help them to challenge or manage the exclusion and find alternatives…. Robert Halfon, the Conservative chairman of the committee, said: “We face the scandal of ever-increasing numbers of children being excluded and abandoned to a forgotten part of our education system. “Parents and pupils face a system which isn’t designed for their needs, too often being left to a Wild West of exclusions with too many pupils in alternative provision who shouldn’t be there, and those who are there not receiving the support or early intervention needed to make a difference. … At least 48,000 pupils are educated outside mainstream and special schools, the report says, not including those who remain on the register of their school. MPs found evidence of a rise in “zero-tolerance” behaviour policies that may be creating “environments where pupils are punished and ultimately excluded for incidents that could and should be managed within the mainstream school environment”….