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***(UK) Cayman Islands: >25% of students are SPED; 3/4 of SPED is male students

Aug 16, Cayman News Service: ¾ of SEN students are boys A formal audit in July of students in government schools that have special educational needs severe enough to require additional specialist support, known as Phase 3 SEN, has revealed that boys dominate the figures. According to the summary of the report, which was released under the FOI law, 74% of students who require an Individual Education Plan and support from specialist teachers are boys. Previous figures released by the Office of Education Standards have indicated that more than a quarter of children in government schools have special needs; this audit found that 11% of students fall into the more severe Phase 3 category. The audit does not include data from private schools, but the report said the ministry was “seeking to address this as a matter of urgency”. The audit covered the breakdown of students with SEN by the category of need, types and levels of support, age of students, and National Curriculum year groups. It found that there are 183 children in primary schools with Phase 3 SEN and 249 in the government’s secondary schools (which is 46% of all Phase 3 students) and another 110 at the Lighthouse School. Among Phase 3 SEN students, Specific Learning Difficulties is most common in the primary and secondary schools, and Intellectual Disability is most common at the Lighthouse School. Alongside outside specialist intervention programmes available, a number of specialist teachers are deployed across government schools. George Town and Red Bay primary schools have the highest number of students with Phase 3 special needs. At secondary level the Clifton Hunter High School has the most students with SEN.


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