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(UK) Bury: No school place for boy with severe ASD; family to receive $4.2K

July 28, 2021, Manchester Evening News: Council pays out thousands after failing to provide education to vulnerable boy for 10 months W. central England

Bury council has been ordered to pay £3,000 [$4.2K U.S.] to a vulnerable boy’s family after a damning report found it failed to provide him with an education for 10 months. The Local Government Ombudsman has published its findings after a complaint was made about the lack of education for the boy, who has special educational needs, a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism. In a scathing report, the ombudsman said the council had ‘not shown any consideration of the boy’s individual circumstances’ and caused him to miss almost year of schooling…. The ombudsman said the complaint was that the council produced a draft education, health and care plan for a mother which failed to meet her son’s needs…. The council agreed to pay Miss X £2,700 for her son’s missed education and £300 [$416] for the delays, distress and frustration caused, as well as finishing her son’s education plan and providing suitable education to him. … “The information provided showed he needed one-to-one support not just for education, but for the safety of himself and others and the council failed to provide this in the plan. “He needed help with personal hygiene, eating and drinking, regulating body temperature and communication which the plan failed to consider.” The report added that Miss X withdrew the boy from school on September 2, 2020 because of concerns over his safety due to the lack of suitable one to one support. He has not returned to school since.


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