(UK) Buckinghamshire: SPED kids not getting services

Jan 3, 2018, (UK) Mix96: Mum: Bucks special education needs kids 'being left behind Special Educational Needs (SEN) children in Buckinghamshire are being 'left behind' as they wait for a place at a specialist school. That's the opinion of one mum from Grendon Underwood, whose son, Harrison (pictured), has ADHD, Autism and Epilepsy. … "What they need to be doing is putting provisions in place so these children can still get an education. My son is three years behind his actual age, and before Christmas because [Bucks SEN Team] weren't doing anything, he was just doing errands around the school because he was too disruptive….. Bucks SEN Team said: "We are sorry that our service has not met the parent’s expectations in this specific case. We always try to meet timescales as quickly as possible as we know how important it is to children and their families to get the right support. … They added that they would like to reassure Mix 96 listeners that the SEN team has not had any budget cuts and no placements at special schools have been reduced. In fact, many schools are taking children above their numbers. There can sometimes be delays before final packages can be secured and offered, however the Council say they try to work hard to make sure these are kept to an absolute minimum.