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(UK) Buckinghamshire "has seen a significant rise in the number" of SPED students

June 4, 2019, Bucks Herald: "The special education needs system is in crisis" Activists protested the cruel Government cuts to Special Education Needs (SEND) in Aylesbury Town Centre last week. They are deeply unhappy with the ‘uphill struggle’ they face just to get their children the proper education they deserve and a decent start at life. Many protestors talked about a 'broken system' where the most vulnerable were denied support Protesters highlighted ‘a system falling apart’ in what has quickly become a ‘national crisis’. … Protest organiser Katherine Watts said: “Thing have got to change. The Government don’t realise the effects that cutting Special Educational Budgets are having on our children. Many are going years without an appropriate school placement and others face a lack of support including therapies in their placement. This has devastating knock on effects for their lives. … …There’s no consistency and not all staff have the relevant training to help education SEND kids. This was a nation-wide protest, with over 3600 members active on SEND Crisis facebook group that formed 30-40 regional protests countrywide. This is not a problem specific to Bucks, it's happening all over the UK. Katherine continued: "Nobody is listening to us, and many are in crisis just dealing day to day with their families, and then they have to fight the system as well. It's exhausting …. "What is it going to take for the Government and LAs to listen to us?" After all there has been so much mental health issues amongst families, children and young people, some ending in tragedy, yet there is silence from the Government and LAs.”… “Buckinghamshire has seen a significant rise in the number of children and young people with Education, Health and Care Plans and to address this, we have working intently with all our key stakeholders including Education, Health, Social Care, parents and carers to redesign the service, investing in additional resource so that we can improve the timeliness of our statutory assessments. …


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