(UK) Buckinghamshire: Grant worth $6,500 (US) for school mental health

Aug 3, 2018, Buckinghamshire Bucks Herald: Donation to help Mental Health service Buckinghamshire Mind, the mental health charity, has been awarded a grant of £4,952 [$6,500 US] from the Rothschild Foundation for the charity’s Peer Support in Schools Service. The aim of this service is to empower schools, young people, parents and teachers to tackle the stigma associated with mental health and encourage individuals to seek support as and when they need it. The Peer Support in Schools Service is available to both primary and secondary schools across the county. Buckinghamshire Mind’s team trains students from the top year of the school - sixth formers and primary school children in Year 5/6 - in mental health awareness helping them become Peer Mentors to the students in younger years throughout the school.