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(UK) Bristol: SPED 'shambolic'; plans for 450 new places

July 24, 2021, BBC News: Reforms set for Bristol council's 'shambolic' SEND system

A council has set out how it hopes to fix its "shambolic" system for people with autism and learning difficulties in the wake of two damning reports. On Monday Bristol City Council said it would create a "robust pathway" for children with special needs in schools. Officers also said extra funding was in place for 450 extra special school places over the next three years…. The first report commissioned by the council on children who struggle in mainstream schools in Bristol revealed a catalogue of failures. A second independent inquiry carried out by Sir Stephen Bubb criticised the "abusive nature" of institutions in Bristol that were meant to care for autistic people. Head of the people directorate, Hugh Evans, admitted there would be no quick fix but said there was a strong commitment to improve.… 'Early support' The council's director of education, Alison Hurley, said a plan to implement the 31 recommendations for children with special educational needs (SEND) would be developed over the next 12 months in response to the first report's findings. She said the plan would have "really robust pathways for early identification and support" for children to meet their specific needs at each stage of their education. "This is about getting in earlier and… making sure we have the right provision in the right places of the city that our young people can access," Ms Hurley said. The council currently has a nine-month waiting list for special needs assessments.


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