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(UK) Bristol council failing special needs students

Feb 3, 2020, BBC News: 'Drastic change' call over Bristol special needs education Families of children and young people with special educational needs have met with council bosses who have been criticised for failing them. An Ofsted/Care Quality Commission (CQC) report, published in December, said Bristol City Council's performance was "disturbingly poor"…. Fiona Castle, who has an eight-year-old son with autism, said she had recently secured a "meaningful and specific EHCP [Education, Health and Care Plan]". But in her statement to the council, she said: "This battle has pervaded every aspect of my life for the last 16 months…. When asked about the council's invitation to parents to contribute to their feedback, she said: "I think if it helps the council to take ownership of its statutory responsibility, then that will be a good thing." said BAME families with special needs children "continue to be excluded" …


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