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(UK) Bristol: 25 autistic young man left without adult support; mom 'terrified of the uncertainty'

July 19, 2023, itv: Bristol mum 'fears for future' after son loses autism support

SW England

A Bristol mum says she's been left fearing for her son's future after the council has stopped his educational support.

Nura Aabe says when her son Zak turns 25 in October, Bristol City Council must legally help him transition from child to adult services. But she says they have withdrawn his regular care altogether, which has caused him distress.

Under the Special Needs Education law, education comes to an end at the end of the academic year of a young person’s 25th birthday.

When this stage approaches, a transition plan is usually put in place for a young person to move from child to adult services.

Nura is the founder for Autism Independence, a community organisation that provides consultancy, training and guidance about autism.

She says she’s been 'chasing' Bristol City Council for a transition plan for the last eight months but has so far been unsuccessful.
“We’re left without support and we have been left in a limbo not knowing what's going to happen this summer, what's going to happen next year", she said….

Nura says Zak's transition package 'should have been signed off months ago'.

She said: “It is very evident that the council ignored all of the concerns that were raised by us as a family, his advocacy.

"We have been speaking to the local authority since December 2022 and saying his transition is coming up, you need to be prepared….

Nura worries that if this has been able to happen to her, as someone with a good understanding of the local autism service, then others will have problems too. …

"The local authority has failed us again and again and again and I think it's such a shame that families like myself have to go through this.

“I am terrified of the uncertainty. I'm terrified that the very local authority that was meant to protect my son and my family has continued to fail us.”…


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