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(UK) Bridlington: Local store supplies "sensory bags for "autistic children"; also 'quiet hours'

Aug 8, 2023, Scarborourgh News: Bridlington Tesco to supply free sensory bags to help autistic children feel comfortable in store

N. England

The scheme, which has been adopted in a few other Tesco stores, provides sensory bags filled with items that can help autistic children cope with the busy and stimulating environment of a supermarket. These bags contain items such as noise-cancelling headphones, fidget toys and emotion cards. They are available to borrow from the customer service desk. The scheme was recently launched by a store in Scotland. Checkout Manager Jen Scott, who is a grandma to a non-verbal autistic child, saw this as a great idea to implement in Tesco Bridlington. Store Manager, Phil Hasselby is excited to provide the tools parents might need to make shopping experiences easier and make them a positive experience for everyone. Mr Hasselby said: “We want everyone to feel welcome in our store, and this scheme is just one way we can do that. “We also have our quiet hours on a Wednesday and a Saturday 9am, when we turn down the lights, and the music, and we try not to use our tannoy system.” The sensory bags are available in-store Monday – Sunday whilst the Customer Service Desk is open.

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