(UK) Bradford: Plans for 160 more SPED teachers; district schools have more disabled kids

Jan 30, 2018, (UK) Telegraph and Argus: Consultation into creation of 160 extra special educational needs places begins Bradford Council has started a consultation over plans that would see 160 extra places for pupils with special educational needs created at local schools. In total, 10 schools around the district will be expanded to either create a new specialist provision or expand the existing numbers of places. If the plans go ahead, 126 full-time places and 34 part-time places will be created at nurseries, primary schools and specialist schools by mid April. The number of Bradford children who have been diagnosed with having special educational needs and disabilities has been rising in recent years, partly due to faster diagnosis of young people with conditions like autism. Many pupils with additional needs are currently taught in mainstream schools, but the council has decided that the needs of these children would be better met in specialist provision. Last year, the Bradford Schools. … Chellow Heights Special School in Heaton will increase the number of places from 200 to 248 and Delius Special School in Barkerend will increase spaces from 124 to 148. Oastler Special School in Bowling will increase spaces from 80 to 94. … These proposed new places will be followed by two purpose built free schools built within the Bradford district in the next few years. One free school is expected to open in the south of the district and one in the north. Both will have around 170 pupils.