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(UK) Bradford: New ASD assessment project hopes for "more speedy" diagnosis

Mar 4, 2021,Telegraph and Argus: Primary schools project in Bradford speeds up autism diagnosis North central England A "GROUND-BREAKING" early years autism project is set to be launched across all Bradford primary schools after a successful pilot. Bradford Opportunity Area set up the Government-funded project in 2019 to help identify autism in children quicker and provide a more speedy and family-focused diagnosis…. Now, new funding will assess 100 children in schools in both areas for one year. It is hoped it will benefit the lives of those children who may miss out on assessments otherwise…. Kathryn Loftus, Programme Director at Bradford Opportunity Area said: “Delayed diagnosis can lead to problems for the child down the line, such as behavioural issues and lower attainment levels. “Families of children with autism have previously reported that support was not in place early enough for their children." For Nicola Roth, headteacher at Lilycroft Primary School in Manningham, change has been a long-time coming. When she first arrived in Bradford 20 years ago, reports claimed the district had extremely low numbers of autistic children - but Nicola knew this only meant children were undiagnosed and without any support…. "If this is successful and it's rolled out in Bradford it could fundamentally change the way children are diagnosed with autism across the country. It would be cost effective. Sometimes you're trying to say 'there's a problem here' and you have to fill six boxes in and get parents to go to a special clinic. With everybody coming to the school it's just been amazing."…

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