(UK) Bradford mom of autistic son forced to homeschool; waiting for school place

Dec 9, 2018, Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bradford mum with autistic son speaks of home-schooling struggle Catherine Haggan said she took her son Bailey, 14, out of school two years ago due to bullying concerns and issues related to his autism. Since then, she said her son has been on the waiting list for a new school, and is disappointed at the lack of support she has received. Mrs Haggan, from West Bowling , said: “He is prone to having meltdowns due to his autism."… …We are on the waiting list for four or five schools and have been for two years, but there’s been no support.” … Marium Haque, Bradford Council’s deputy director of education and learning, said: “We aren’t able to comment on individual cases, but we understand that there are times when parents feel it is best for their child to change schools. “Where this is the case, we will work with parents and schools to find the right place for their child. Unfortunately this process depends on places being available at the schools parents have chosen, so it can take time….