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(UK) Bracknell: Authorities continue to fail special ed students

May 30, 2022, Bracknell News: Bracknell SEND parents feel 'let down' by local authority
W. London Parents feel ‘let down’ by the local authority as special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) pupils are falling further behind in their education. The News has received complaints from parents relating to poor communication, a lack of appropriate facilities and inadequate Education, Health and Care Plans (ECHP) at Bracknell Forest Council, which they say is ‘exasperating’ the issue. …

The council say they “recognise that some parents have expressed dissatisfaction” with the SEND service.

Cheryl Eyre, Assistant Director of education and learning, said: “We apologise for any distress caused and would like to reassure parents that rectifying those concerns is a priority for the council and we have already taken a number of actions to address this.

“Officers and councillors have been working closely with the Parent Carer Forum and parents to listen to, and address issues raised.”

Ms Hazel went on to claim that, when her daughter was able to attend school, she was “left in a quiet room” and was “not receiving an education.” By November 2021, she was exclusively at home.

“I have spent months on the phone trying to talk to people at the council, begging for help and wondering why nobody is also knocking on my door because my child isn’t at school.

“They are falling short in every single way really, between all the different bodies that I’m having to deal with there just seems a real lack of communication,” said Ms Hazel.


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