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(UK) Bournemouth: Special school doubles doubles in size to 118 places

Oct 10, 2020, Bournemouth Daily Echo: Area of Slades Farm to make up new special school site
South coast of England A SECTION of a Bournemouth open space is set to be handed over to an educational academy trust to allow it to press ahead with a new special school satellite site. Ambitions Academies Trust is attempting to gain approval from the Department for Education to expand Longspee Academy. Alongside development of the school's main Poole site in Learoyd Road, Canford Heath, to allow for an additional five pupil places, proposals have been tabled to convert Bournemouth Learning Centre so it can operate as a satellite school location with a permanent provision for up to 54 places. The plans would double the size of the school from 59 places up to 118 places and see its provision change from Year 1 to Year 9 to Reception to Year 11… "The number of children and young people assessed as requiring a place at a specialist education provision in the BCP area has increased in recent years. Local provision to meet these needs is of high quality, but capacity has not been expanded sufficiently to meet this additional demand….

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