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(UK) Bournemouth: Bus company to support riders with autism

July 3, 2023, Bournemouth Daily Echo: Morebus undergoes training to suit autistic bus commuters

SW England

Morebus has collaborated with Autism Unlimited to improve services for the autistic community.

Autistic Unlimited aims to support and empower autistic children, adults, and their families by providing solutions for educational and life skills training.

The bus company is part of The Go-Ahead Group, an initiative which operates over 850 buses across the Southwest including Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole….

Sara Davenport, Customer Service Manager for Morebus explained: “We want all our staff to have a better understanding of autistic people.

We began the Autism Unlimited training with our customer service team and speaking personally to personally it completely opened my eyes to some of the challenges autistic people face daily.”

She continued: “It was an extremely positive experience, and we now hope to roll-out the training across the wider company.”

Claire Causley, Training Manager at Autism Unlimited, said: “An autistic person may find it difficult to communicate or interact with unfamiliar people in public areas which can be too loud, busy, or new to them.

“So, ‘everyday’ things for a neuro-typical person, such as buying a bus pass, or making a travel inquiry at a bus station, can be a potentially very stressful and even something an autistic person may avoid altogether.

“Our training is bespoke and tailored, sharing real, lived experiences relevant to the industry. We find this adaptive approach is thought-provoking and embeds the learning quicker.

“It is great that Morebus has started this journey to becoming autism inclusive.

“Everyone has a right to work, meet friends and enjoy life, and travel is a vital part of this. In seeking out our specialist training, inclusive companies like Morebus will hear directly from autistic people how they can make the improvements needed to ensure they are included.”

Morebus undergoes training to suit autistic bus commuters


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