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(UK) Blackburn: More SPED funding; "increased demand"

Mar 16 2022, Lancashire Telegraph: Blackburn with Darwen Council special education spending shake-up

NE England

A LOCAL education authority is increasing its alternative provision for pupils for whom traditional mainstream schooling does not work. Blackburn with Darwen Council has amended its capital budget to make the changes. This month's executive board of the borough authorised four changes. They are: * The establishment of a project for a refurbishment at the former Stansfeld Centre for the purpose of creating additional alternative school provision capacity for pupils requiring a vocational-based curriculum; * A budget increase of £250,000 [$329K] for the previously approved Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)project at Shadsworth Infant School; and *a realignment of the budget for works associated to Sunnyhurst Centre and the relocation of Crosshill School. A report by education boss Cllr Julie Gunn said: "The borough is seeing increased demand for alternative provision for those pupils for which a traditional mainstream education is not proving conducive to effective learning and positive outcomes. "St Thomas Centre are seeking to expand provision to provide for an increased number of pupils for whom a vocational curriculum would support those pupils to gain key employability and life skills. … "The Shadsworth Infant School SEND project was established with a budget allocation of £260,000 [$342K].


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