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(UK) Birmingham: "There just aren't enough school places" for SPED students

Mar 16, 2019, Planet Radio, Birmingham: Families protest "absolutely devastating" school funding as education secretary visits Birmingham Protesting families descended on Birmingham today to confront Education Secretary Damian Hinds over school cuts. It's after King's Heath Primary joined a growing number of schools across the Birmingham announcing plans to finish the week at 1pm on Friday- in a bid to make ends meet. The school is also having to review its special educational needs and disabilities provision. … "But for parents of disabled children who now may no longer have a school place, this is absolutely devastating, because there just aren't enough school places for children with special educational needs." Angry parents were ready to confront Damian Hinds today - who was in Birmingham attending the Association of School and College Leaders annual conference. "We're supposed to be a rich country," says mum Rosie. "We're supposed to go into Brexit negotiations saying we're powerful and rich. Well, are we? We can't afford to fund five days a week of schooling," she continues. The education secretary failed to come out to meet the protesters.


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