(UK) Bexley: Principals concerned about mental health needs of students

July 4, 2018, Bexley Times: Bexley teachers concerned about children’s mental health Headteachers from across Bexley have expressed concerns about mental health support for pupils in the borough…. The meeting was discussing school budgets, and questions were raised about the amount of cash spent on mental health support…. “It was a government initiative to put mental health into schools but the resource, I don’t think, has been put in place to that and we don’t seem to have the resources to do it. “When governors recently had a presentation, it was clear to us that criteria is so high to access support – even a GP letter was not always enough. It is something that concerns us. We do have schools at all levels where children are suicidal for example, or parents and carers are not coping. “I think it’s a strand that runs through every school. I am just concerned that millions of pounds has been allocated to it, and we are not seeing it on the ground.”… Mark Hannon, headteacher of St Fidelis school in Erith, said: “We are struggling across two sectors to work in partnership. For me it is more about how do we monitor the outcomes that are happening in schools, rather than what is presented at the start. …"