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(UK) Belfast: Parents forced to transport autistic child 60 mi/day to school

Sept 23, 2022, Belfast Live: Family traveling 60 miles a day due to issues with school transport Casey Lisle has complex needs and has been unable to get Education Authority transport to his school since the start of term
The family of a young boy with special needs are having to travel 60 miles a day to bring him to school due to issues with his transport.

P1 pupil Casey Lisle has non-verbal autism and other complex needs and has started at Brookfield Special School in Moira this year, however since the start of term he has been unable to get the correct transport to the school everyday.

He is meant to be provided with a taxi and care assistant to and from school every day, but so far this term it has never arrived for him, meaning his parents are having to take a 60 mile round

Casey's mum Louise said she cannot understand why they are having so much problems with the transport, as other children in his school and area appear to be able to get theirs.

Speaking to Belfast Live, Louise said: "Casey is statemented and as part of that he is meant to be provided with transport to and from his school, along with an assistant to help him.

"But from the start of the year this has never arrived at our home and we cannot understand what the problem is and it has been going on for three weeks now.

"On his first day of school when nothing showed up it really upset him and he got into quite a bad form from the disruption and became unwell and needed to go home early in the end.

Due to his needs any disruption can have a huge impact on him

"As a result of this we have had to travel 60 miles a day in order to bring him to and from school, which has resulted in him arriving late because we also have other children that we need to bring to school as well.

"We have seen other children in the area have any issues with their transport resolved, so why is it taking so long for Casey?"

Despite his difficulties with transport, Casey is enjoying his time at Brookfield who have really helped him settle in. He even received a pleasant surprise at the end of his first week.

Louise continued: "Despite the disruption on his first day, Casey has really settled into Brookfield who have been brilliant, and we were thrilled that after all the issues at the end of his first week he was awarded star of the week!"

A spokesperson for the Education Authority said: “We can confirm that arrangements are now in place and we have been assured the service will commence from tomorrow, and we have been in touch with the family to advise. We apologise for the inconvenience and upset caused and wish the pupil well for the year ahead.

The family of Casey Lisle were forced to make a 60 mile round trip a day to his special school after transport failed to turn up for him.


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