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(UK) Barrow: School opens sensory room; "...used to calm children"

Sept 28, 2021, The Mail: Sensory room at St James' CE Junior School, Barrow, gets thumbs up from pupils

NW England PUPILS are immersing themselves in a new sensory experience at a Barrow school. The new sensory room at St James' C of E Junior School on Blake Street has been a hit with students…. It is hoped that the room can be used to calm children who may be battling with their mental health in school, providing relief for those who use it. Acting Headteacher Jackie Rushton and Acting Assistant Headteacher Liam Reid have been 'delighted' with the results of the room. They said: "We are delighted to open our new sensory room for our pupils who we know will enjoy the use of the new facility. "The new sensory room is a much needed and welcomed addition to our school. I imagine all teachers will agree that the mental health of children in school is a day-to-day battle, and the room will provide a welcomed relief for those children who are experiencing problems with their social and emotional wellbeing. "The room will also provide us opportunities for pupils with sensory and other learning needs, with all children being given the opportunity for relaxation and downtime if needed. … We are very honoured to be viewed as an important part of the community and are thrilled to receive two large donations towards the project…. The facility will be open for us for the children of other schools and nurseries in the Hindpool area, with Hindpool Nursery already making use of the facility for some of their children….


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