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(UK) Barrow: Elem school first in UK to get 'Cubbie' for kids with ASD

Sept 1, 2022, (UK) Newbarns School first school in UK to get a Cubbie

NW England

A SCHOOL is the first to receive a high-tech 'Cubbie' space in the country.
Newbarns School in Barrow was the first primary school in the UK to receive a Cubbie.
A Cubbie is a space for people with autism and sensory needs. The company argues that sensory rooms and one-to-one interventions remove the students from the classroom, whereas Cubbies can be a place for students to go for 'five to ten minutes' before returning to the classroom.

Cubbies look like shower cubicles from the outside and are small spaces with a transparent door that the user can enter. They put in their own personal profile, and the Cubbie will play light, video and music that is tailored to them.

The doors are not locked, and the Cubbie is monitored by an occupational therapist. The seat inside is customisable to the user's needs and is wheelchair accessible.


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