(UK) Banbury center for "child mental health services" grows in popularity

Jan 7, 2019, Banbury Guardian: Banburyshire child mental health services are ‘transformed’ - referrals go up The child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS)covering Banbury has undergone a ‘significant transformation’ its bosses say. Managers say a new, single point of access where children can refer themselves, or their families or carers can ask for help, was the new key. Numbers seeking help for mental health problems from depression and anxiety to self harming, bullying, abuse and suicidal thoughts have soared. The Banbury Guardian ran a series of articles in May and June detailing the plight of youngsters in our area. Many families and schools felt children were going unseen and waits for help were too long. Andrea Shand, Head of Service for Oxfordshire CAMHS told the Community Partnership Network: “Our referral rates - the ones we accept - are averaging 630 a month.October was the highest on record at 844. “We’re averaging 250 (additional) calls a month where the young person or referrer is passed on to other services.” Ms Shand said this figure too had spiked in October at 443 but increases in October were expected as schools observed pupils at the start of term. …. “We’ve launched new pathways for getting help. It’s very much about building resilience out in the community with families, schools, education with third sector organisations. “We are offering training with GPs and educating professionals. In November we also launched a full time service for assessment and treatment of young people with autism and ADHD. Parents can receive education, guidance and support.”… “We are conducting hundreds of calls every month offering self-help strategies, signposting to alternative services if it’s not CAMHS,” said Ms Shand….