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(UK) 'Autism is becoming more and more common nowadays'; critical lack of adult services

Aug 25, 2019, Hull Live: Hull mum's desperate battle to get more support for adults with autism A Hull mum says that more support needs to be put in place for adults with autism. Sara Rust's stepson Shaun, 31, and son Lucas Syme, 18, both have autism, which can make them feel very anxious in unfamiliar settings. After they both left school, Mrs Rust says there has not been enough help out there for them in finding their way in the working world and further adult life. "My youngest son is on the autistic spectrum and over the years I have seen the amount he has suffered at the hands of others, the stress it has caused him when he cannot express himself or achieve what he wants," said Mrs Rust, 49, from Hessle. … "As Shaun and Lucas have got older it has become more difficult for them as after they left school the support network for adults with autism is few and far between…. "They want a normal life and just to go out there and work and earn money but it's very difficult for them and hard for them to get support…. "He enjoys mixing but is anxious in new surroundings and I just think more education and help is needed out there for adults with autism so that they can live a normal life like anyone else." … "Autism is becoming more and more common nowadays and there needs to be more research and a support network so that kids and adults with the condition and their families can have a normal life." It's estimated that about one in every 100 people in the UK has ASD. More boys are diagnosed with the condition than girls. …


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