(UK) All British schools 'legally allowed to purchase ...Epi Pens'

Aug 16, 2017, Adrenaline Administration Training Needed in Schools CE Safety UK, who provide Health & Safety courses throughout the UK, are preparing themselves for a surge in enquiries regarding adrenaline auto-injectors, also known as AAIs and EpiPens, as new legislation comes into play in October this year. Gary Ellis, Senior Consultant at CE Safety, said “We provide emergency first aid training to businesses and schools across the UK as well as professional consultations to ensure that they are fully compliant with new UK laws and legislation. We expect to be approached by a number of schools in October, in regards to AAI administration, as staff will need to be fully educated and confident in administrating adrenalin if required in an emergency situation.” On the 1st of October 2017, all UK schools, pre-schools and nurseries will be legally allowed to purchase, without a prescription, adrenaline auto-injectors or Epinephrine (EpiPens). As part of their first aid kits on-site, schools and other education facilities will be able to stock AAIs for emergency use on children who have been identified as at risk of anaphylaxis and have been prescribed Epi Pens to treat such a life threatening reaction. ... Gary Ellis said “If schools decide to stock additional EpiPens on site, their staff should receive training and feel confident to administer the potentially life-saving drug and that’s where CE Safety comes in.” Up to 6% of children in the UK have been diagnosed with a food allergy and are required to carry AAIs with them at all times.