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(UK) "A million children need mental health support"; schools must do more

Sept 7, 2019, Guardian: England’s children’s commissioner calls for police in schools Schools should install police officers to assist those who are most vulnerable to gangs, the children’s commissioner for England has said. Anne Longfield set out her six-point plan to transform children’s welfare in the UK, which included a call for schools to stay open seven days a week in order to help students in most need of support, while criticising politicians for prioritising Brexit over the needs of vulnerable children…. She added: “We should be ashamed that there are literally millions of kids in England not having the childhood a decent society would want.” A million children need mental health support, more than 120,000 are homeless and living in temporary accommodation, more than 50,000 are not getting any education and nearly 30,000 are in violent gangs, according to Longfield. …The “children’s manifesto” includes proposals to attach neighbourhood police units to schools, bolster mental health facilities for students and improve funding for pupils with special needs. … A Department for Education spokeswoman said: “We are making record investments in education and in children’s services to help improve outcomes and support young people to overcome the challenges they face.


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