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(UK) STUDY: 90% of office workers call themselves 'neurodiverse'

July 15, 2023, Daily Mail: British office workers are wired differently as nine in ten call themselves 'neurodiverse', study claims

Nine out of ten British office workers described themselves as being 'neurodiverse', according to a study.

It is a term used by some to describe people who have brains that work differently from the average person, encompassing conditions such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia and Tourette's.

Studies suggest that about 15 to 20 per cent of the population are neurodiverse.

However, this new research, carried out by online printing company Instantprint, suggests that the vast majority of people in the UK who work in an office environment claim they have one of these brain conditions.

The survey, which polled 1,000 people, also found that women were far more likely to identify as neurodiverse compared to men.


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