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(UK) $89M for 90 new special schools England

Aug 23, 2023, Sun: SCHOOLS VICTORY, places at free special schools will double in victory for The Sun’s Give It Back campaign

Nearly 20,000 children with learning disabilities are to benefit from the new special education sites.

Ministers today confirmed seven more will be built, on top of 83 already promised.

Backed by £70million [$89M] in funding, local authorities will help set fresh national standards for children with special educational needs.

Meanwhile some 7,000 early years special educational needs co-ordinators will be hired to look at what extra support is needed.

Children’s Minister Claire Coutinho told The Sun the additional school places would guarantee every single child got the best education, citing the Give It Back campaign as a push….

“The Sun’s Give It Back campaign has been brilliant at championing the needs of children on this issue.”

Stephen Kingdom, campaign manager for the Disabled Children’s Partnership, said: “We will continue to campaign with The Sun to champion these children and their families.”


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