(UK) Yorkshire: 800% homeschooling increase; schools can't provide for disabled/autistic kids

Dec 3, 2018, STRAY FM Radio: Home-schooling explosion in North Yorkshire The number of children being home-schooled in North Yorkshire has increased by more than 800% in the last five years, new figures have revealed. … Parents and carers said they choose to educate children often because of stress or anxiety at school, caused by bullying or peer pressure Autism is also noted as a reason for home-schooling… A common theme was linked to the support offered to children with complex needs and also to mental health issues, often caused or made worse by bullying. … These include: An unaccommodating school ‘culture’ in relation to not meeting the specific needs of the ‘individual’ child, leading to increasing parental (and pupil) disillusionment with the main stream education system. Autism is also a feature.