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(UK) 500 W. Sussex SPED kids not getting special help in school

May 26, 2019, Spirit FM: Fears children are waiting too long to get special needs help at school Some 500 children with special needs in West Sussex are waiting too long to receive the help they need at school. There are around 5,000 children in the county with education, health and care plans (EHCP), which detail their needs and what should be done to meet them. While the vast majority are dealt with within the required time limits, ten per cent are not, affecting 500 youngsters with conditions such as autism…. “Sometimes it is quite difficult to get all children through in that period of time because sometimes the cases are quite complex, additional information’s required and it’s not necessarily available immediately. “Sometimes the liaison and discussion with parents takes longer than anticipated if the parents don’t want the provision identified in the EHCP. “So what we’re needing to do is actually try and work with those more complex cases to reduce those times.”…
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