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(UK) 3 autistic youths removed from group home; 'ongoing failure to safeguard children'

Mar 8, 2022, Lancashire Post: Three residents removed from Lancashire care home for autistic young people and home's registration supended following Ofsted visit

NW England Three young people have been removed from a Lancashire residential care home for those with autism following a visit by Government inspectors Ofsted…. It is the second time in just over two years that young people have been removed from the Ribchester site following Ofsted visits. The Post understands two of the three residents are still attending the neighbouring Brook View school which is on the same rural site. A statement on the Brook View website says: “Our residential home is currently closed and will be re-opened in due course.” A spokesperson for Cambian Brook View school said : “Following the recent inspection and subsequent constructive discussions with Ofsted we have deregistered this care home, this action does not impact the running of the school. We have supported the transition of the young people to new placements. We will now build a new care team to register and then reopen this home.”... In September 2019 when still Mountwood Academy and then operated by ROC Northwest Ltd Ofsted said it had found “an ongoing failure to safeguard children and protect them from harm” and young residents were removed from the premises at short notice. In their critical report in 2019 Ofsted revealed that in the past year several residents had been harmed both physically and emotionally at the children’s home. After closing on Ofsted orders it later reopened as Brook View. The neighbouring Cambian Brook View School is decribed as “an independent specialist day school providing a high standard of education for students aged 8–19 years old with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related conditions.”…


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