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(UK) 20% of kids have mental health issues; schools need to address problem

May 20, 2019, Gildshire: Why Mental Health Should be Taught in Schools? Depression and anxiety among children are on the rise and the pressure created by social media is growing. Children and teens today are more exposed to different kinds of negativity. The start of many mental health conditions starts in adolescence. Half of the individuals living with mental illness have experienced the first symptoms at the age of 14. Additionally, 75% of people who have mental health issues have experienced the first symptoms at the age of 24. That’s why it’s crucial for young people to understand their mental health at an early age. One in five young people lives with mental health conditions where less than half receive the needed support. Undiagnosed and untreated mental health condition can affect a child’s ability to grow and develop…. Mental illness such as depression will be one of the major health issues for the decades to come. Depression is one of the main causes of chronic illness in the developed world. Schools are where children and teenagers spend most of their day….. And it’s a place where mental health issues start developing. Schools are not to blame. Teachers are not to blame neither. Children in school get information on health issues only if they ask…. …Schools need to address mental health and prevent issues, not react once the problem happens, and only if the problem is socially unacceptable. …


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