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(UK) 2,500 incidents of kids as young as five assaulting teachers

July 16, 2022, Times: I’ve been kicked and slapped by pupils, says teacher as level of violence in schools is revealed
New figures reveal shocking number of attacks by children against teachers

Escalating violence in the classroom is harming children’s education and driving teachers from the profession, as new figures reveal that thousands of pupils have been restrained and isolated in Scottish schools.

A Sunday Times investigation found that at least 2,500 incidents of physical intervention occurred over the past three years, mostly in mainstream and special needs primary schools. They included children as young as five who were physically held and escorted to a “safe place” after assaulting a member of staff. Union officials said violence in classrooms is rising amid testimonies from teachers and parents that — for far too many children — life at school is punctuated by violence, classroom evacuations and an unacceptable loss of valuable learning time.


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