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(UK) 19,000 students a year kicked out of school; 78% are SPED

May 20, 2019, The Sun: 'IT'S CHILD ABUSE'—Teachers expose the hidden scandal of 49,000 ‘unteachable’ children forced out of schools to improve exam results We lift the lid on the scandal of Britain's ‘Unteachable’ kids As tens of thousands of 16-year-olds across the country sit down to take their math and English GCSEs this week, an estimated 49,000 children, like Tori, have disappeared from schools. Permanent exclusions in Britain have also soared, rising by an incredible 56 per cent in just three years - from 4,950 in 2013/14 to 7,720 in 2016/17. But why? In a new series, The Sun lifts the lid on the scandal of ‘Unteachable’ kids like Tori, who have been off-rolled or excluded, and looks at the reasons behind the rise - from pupils so badly behaved that teachers have no choice but to exclude them, to ambitious headteachers ousting under-performing students to improve school results. Chair of the Education Committee and Tory MP Robert Halfon, who has backed our series, believes these youngsters are “the forgotten children”. Shock school exclusion numbers 2,000 students excluded from school every day on average 40 kids permanently excluded every day 78% of permanent exclusions are issued to children with special education needs (SEN) 1% of excluded children get five good GCSEs they need to succeed 74% of children in pupil referral units (PRUs) are persistently absent 40% of kids are not in education, employment or training when they leave PRUs at 16 71% of children in PRUs are white British 63% of prisoners were suspended or temporarily excluded as kids 85% of children in young offender institutions have been excluded £2.1 billion... how much experts say every year group of permanently excluded pupils will additionally cost the state in education, health, benefits and criminal justice costs Three teachers have spoken exclusively to us about the escalating problem of an astonishing 19,000 kids removed from the system each year…. It’s shocking to think that in 2019 pupils who aren’t up to scratch academically are being deprived of an education in order to massage school results and funding…. Those shown the exit are more likely to be disadvantaged children, with 30 per cent of pupils who leave their school between years 10 and 11 having special educational needs (SEN), against 13 per cent of all pupils. … There has been an alarming rise in school exclusions, Department for Education figures show… Andrea Chatten believes schools and teachers are just not qualified to deal with students' behavioural and mental health issues “Schools were never meant to be mental health specialists. They are educationalists. It’s not like schools don’t care. It’s just that they’re at capacity at what they’re able to do and they’re exhausted,” says Andrea, who worked as a teacher in Sheffield for 25 years. 'It's more policing and crowd control than teaching' Georgina Moss, 27, a secondary school history teacher in Essex, lays the blame at the door of parents, who she says are bringing up unteachable children with little respect for authority. “A lot of the time the parents just refuse to see their children as dangerous or aggressive,” says Moss. … Behaviour in British schools is so bad that last month, the government announced the launch of a £10million crackdown on bad conduct, in part funding a team of ‘behaviour experts’ to go into schools…. 40 kids permanently excluded every day While exclusion from school used to be something relatively rare, today the number of pupil exclusions have reached near epidemic levels, with a staggering 2,000 a day. Forty of these are on a permanent basis. … “Teachers accused me of being selectively naughty,” adds Tori. “They didn’t try to understand what was wrong.” Tori was ‘off-rolled’ from her first school aged 14, which she says was because it was easier for them to get rid of her than deal with her problems. Her mum found her a place at another mainstream secondary school - but it wasn’t long before her behaviour worsened. She believes she was facing either exclusion or being off-rolled again – until one teacher suggested that she should refer herself to the local medical clinic. It was then that she was diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD. … The reality, however, is that most schools desperately need more Government support…. But as long as schools have the impossible task of balancing their drive for top grades, managing disruptive students and limited pots of money, the problem shows no sign of slowing down.


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