(UK) 10,000 to receive mental health training; more beds for young people

Aug 17, 2017, BBC: Theresa May admits UK mental health services are 'patchy' Theresa May says the UK's mental health services are "patchy" and has told Newsbeat she's going to review them.... She added that "10,000 members of staff" will be trained in "spotting issues around mental health". A survey of NHS trusts earlier this year also suggested that mental health services in England risk being overwhelmed by a combination of rising demand and staff shortages. The prime minister says they're not being complacent. "One of the reasons I've made mental health a priority is precisely because I think that there are issues," says Theresa May. "Over the years we haven't given mental health the same focus in our national health service and other services as I think is necessary. "Intervening early for young people is important. We've increased the number of mental health beds for young people and we're putting record amounts of funding into mental health in the national health service.